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World Federation of Science Journalists

President Curtis Brainard United States Editor of Scientific American blog network
Vice-President Mohammed Yahia Egypt Executive Editor - Nature Publishing Group
Treasurer  Dominique Forget Canada Science Journalist, author
Secretary Wolfgang Goede Germany  
Member-at-large Dr. Chul Joong Kim South Korea Science Journalist - Chosun Ilbo
Member-at-large Connie St Louis  United Kingdom  

Curtis Brainard - President

United States
Editor of the Scientific American blog network

Curtis Brainard is the editor of the Scientific American blog network. He previously worked for Columbia Journalism Review, where he covered science, environment, and medical news as a staff writer from 2006 until 2013.

In January 2008, Curtis launched The Observatory, CJR's first full-time department dedicated to critically analyzing science coverage in the media as well as the opportunities and challenges facing science journalists.

Outlets from The New York Times to Fox News have cited Brainard’s media criticism and reporting. Curtis has been a guest on NPR to Al-Jazeera English and invited to speak at venues such as the National Press Club in Washington, DC and the National Center for Atmospheric Research in Aspen, Colorado. Brainard has written for The New York Times, The Washington Post, The New Yorker, Popular Science and OnEarth magazine.

Mr. Brainard is a member of the National Association of Science Writers and the Society of Environmental Journalists in the United States. He holds master’s degrees in environmental science and journalism from Columbia University in New York City, where he is an adjunct faculty member at the Graduate School of Journalism, home of the Pulitzer Prizes.

Mohammed Yahia - Vice-President

Executive Editor of Nature Publishing Group (NPG) - Middle East

Mr. Mohammed Yahia has been a science journalist for over eight years and has worked with several prominent outlets. Mr. Yahia has been working with NPG for the past five years, where he was the launch editor of the Nature Middle East regional portal. He is today involved in several other projects, including the monthly translation magazine Nature Arabic Edition.

Mohammed Yahia was one of the founders of the Arab Science Journalists Association (ASJA) and has worked closely with the association to promote science journalism in the region. He is currently the vice-president of the ASJA.

Since the start of his career in science journalism he has been closely involved in the activities of the WFSJ. He was one of the organizers of the WCSJ2011 in Doha, Qatar. He put together the conference’s website and also managed the team doing the news coverage during the event. He was also closely involved with SjCOOP and held several training sessions during those meetings.

Mr. Yahia is very committed to the message of the WFSJ and will be fully committed to working with his fellow board members to promote the efforts of the federation. He believes that this is a time of change for science journalism in general and that the WFSJ needs to evolve to continue supplying the different needs of science journalists around the world.

Dominique Forget - Treasurer

Science journalist, author

Dominique Forget is a contributing editor for Québec Science, a popular science magazine with a readership of 215 000. She also writes the health column for L'actualité, French Canada's foremost news magazine. She's travelled to Asia, Africa and South America to cover stories about health and environmental issue. Many of her articles have garnered widespread recognition, including major awards from the Québec and Canadian magazine industries. She's the author of two books, Perdre le Nord ? (on climate change in the Canadian Arctic) and Bébés illimités. La procréation assistée et ses petits (on the topic of assisted reproduction), both of which have received national recognition.

She currently sits on the board of the Fédération professionnelle des journalistes du Québec, which represents 2 000 journalists and whose mission is to uphold freedom of press and the public right to information. In the past, she's served as secretary and later as president of the Association des communicateurs scientifques du Québec, a member association of the WFSJ.

She holds a bachelor's and a master's degree in chemical/environmental engineering.

She has won scholarships to attend to the 6th World Conference of Science Journalists, in London, 2009; the workshop 'The Science in the Media: The challenges of the scientific journalism in Iberoamerica'. which took place at Santa Cruz of the Sierra, Bolivia, sponsored by the Spanish Agency of International Cooperation (AECI), the Science and Development Network, and the Iberoamerican Program of Science and Technology for Development, in August 2007; and the 3rd Jack F. Ealy Workshop in Science Journalism, in San Diego, California, in July 2006.

She has also been professor of the first Science Journalism Seminar held at a private university in Guatemala City and was the co-organizer of the First International Workshop in Science Journalism held in Guatemala City, in November 2009.
Wolfgang Goede - Secretary

Senior Science Journalist

Wolfgang Goede is a senior science journalist with more than 30 years of experience, as an editor for Germany’s leading popular science magazine P.M. and with international editions and outlets. He has written about a wide array of topics in science.

Mr. Goede contributed to campaigns for the dissemination of science and technology, not only for his publisher Gruner+Jahr/Bertelsmann, but also as a member of the British Council Think Tank (2002-2006).

He is a co-founder of the WFSJ and has attended all the World Conference of Science Journalists (WCSJ) as a speaker, an organizer or as contributor to sessions. At the WCSJ 2013 in Helsinki he organized a comprehensive job training for science journalists.

Mr. Goede is a long-time board member of the German Association of Science Writers TELI and is currently its vice-chairman. He was TELI’s delegate to the European Union of Science Journalists’ Association (EUSJA) before being elected EUSJA’s Honorary Secretary (2012).

He organized at ESOF 2014 Copenhagen a science debate on nanotechnology, which resulted in the Copenhagen Declaration that had an impact on EU policy.

Mr. Goede believes that the times to report on science & technology have never been better. However, he also observes increasing deficits such as: deteriorating employment possibilities for science journalists, critical loss of quality in reporting, alien interests that are driven by commerce and economy, devaluate science, journalism and the will of the public. 

Chul Joong Kim - Member-at-large

South Korea
Science Journalist - Chosun Ilbo

Chul Joong Kim is a senior staff writer in Medical Affairs & Health Information News Desk in Chosun Ilbo.

In 1982, he entered the College of Medicine at Korea University, one of the most prestigious universities in Korea and became a medical doctor in 1995. Whilst working on his Ph.D. program, he also received a master’s degree in journalism from the graduate school of Korea University.

He started his career as a medical journalist in Chosun Ilbo after practicing medicine for ten years. Presently, he writes 1~3 articles a week on medicine and health and also has a monthly signature column entitled, “Kim Chul Joong’s Four Seasons of Life,”
Chul Joong Kim has also hosted a TV program entitled, “Dr. Kim’s Health File” on Medi TV, and was a regular panel member of “Healthy Morning Show” aired on MBC Radio.

He is the recipient of numerous awards in science and medical reporting including the Golden Cross Award granted by the Seoul Medical Doctor Association in 2002. In 2007 and 2012, he won the Kunyang Journalist Award given by the Korean Science Writer Association and Norvatis Medical Journalist Award by the Korean Heath Communication Society.              

Connie St Louis - Member-at-large

United Kingdom
Science Journalist