World Federation of
Science Journalists

Association of Science Communicators (ACS)


Established: 1977
ACS is an association of francophone professionals, from Canada and France, working to promote science awareness. Fields represented by ACS members include: journalism, museology, education, recreational science programming, science awareness education, public relations and research. The mission of ACS is to increase the quality and the quantity of scientific information throughout Québec and to promote a wider knowledge of science as an important part of its culture. ACS represents roughly 70 % of working science journalists in Québec and 30 % of working science journalists in Canada.
Key Activities:
ACS issues a weekly e-newsletter as well as a triannual newspaper titled Omniscient and organizes training sessions, networking activities, an annual symposium, and Bourse Fernand-Seguin, a fellowship contest on science journalism.
Journalists 40%
Public relations officers 30%
Others 30%
Total 259
WFSJ (member); in contact with the Canadian Science Writers Association (CSWA) and l'Association des journalistes scientifiques de la presse d'information (AJSPI) of France
Leading officers are elected by the annual general assembly and the Executive Office meets ten times per year.
Financing: The annual budget (CDN $ 125 000) is sourced equally from government, semi-public organizations, private corporate sponsors and membership fees.
Claudine Souchon, Coordinator,1124, rue Marie-Anne Est | Bureau 12 | Montréal, Québec H2J 2B7 | CANADA | e: | T : 514-508-5544 ext. 221 |  F : 514-508-5545

Fourth World Conference of Science Journalists (WCSJ)

ACS co-hosted the 4th WCSJ in Montréal in 2004 with the Canadian Science Writers Association and the World Federation of Science Journalists. The event is recognized as a great success in raising the profile of science journalism, and being instrumental in creating a worldwide network for science journalists.