World Federation of
Science Journalists

German Science Journalists' Association (WPK)


Established: 1986
WPK is an association of active, competent, critical science journalists representing print, radio and television. The WPK's objective is to promote encounters, understanding and the exchange of information between science, the economy, politics and the public. Through its activities it hopes to contribute to responsible, appropriate and independent reporting on all the fields of science, medicine and technology in the entire publishing media.
Key Activities:
The WPK's main task is to create the right sort of framework for a fruitful exchange of information. Activities include: scientific press conferences, debates, background briefings, WPK "on site", investigative trips and workshops.
192 journalists

WPK also has 30 trustees as well as 77 members in its 'circle of friends'. Colleagues - for example in the press offices of foundations, research establishments, universities and ministries - may join the circle of friends. They are eligible for the same benefits as WPK members but do not have the right to vote.
WFSJ (member); EUSJA (member)
Leading officers are elected every second year at the members' annual plenary meeting and meet monthly
Financing: Sources of revenue include: membership fees and contributions from the circle of friends and from the board of trustees
Dagmar Roehrlich, treasurer | Ahrstrasse 45 53175
Bonn, GERMANY | e: wpk@wpk.or