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German Association of Science Writers (TELI)


Established: 1928
TELI is an association of science writers, science journalists and public relation officers. Founded in 1928, it is the oldest of its kind in the world and it represents about 5 % of science journalists in Germany. TELI's objectives are to promote a good and ethical style of publishing on science and technology in the public; to provide a neutral platform for all science and technology writers/documentary film makers; to build networks between its members; and to organize informal meetings and study tours.
Key Activities:
TELI's activities include workshops; press conferences with scientists and engineers; and study tours to scientific and research institutions, or development departments of science and technology-based companies (open to non-member guests).
Journalists 80
Public relations officers 90
Other 10
Total 180

According to TELI's constitution 51% of the members have to be science or technology journalists or science or technology editors and 39% can be communication officers (chairperson and vice chair person of the board have to be journalists, all in all at least 3 members of the board have to be science or technology journalists).
WFSJ (member); EUSJA (member)
Leading officers are elected every second year by the General Assembly and meet at minimum two times per year
Financing: The annual budget (~ € 15 000) is sourced from membership fees
Hanns-Joachim Neubert, chairperson of the board | Hallerstr. 5 D Hamburg 20146 | GERMANY | e: