World Federation of
Science Journalists

Italian Association of Science Journalists (UGIS)


Established: 1966
UGIS, a co-founder of EUSJA and WFSJ, is an association of science journalists working in news agencies, dailies, magazines, publishing houses, radio, television, and new media. Its objectives are to improve the communication of science and technology in Italy through the media and to support the professional development of its members. It represents about 70% of working science journalists in Italy.
Key Activities:
UGIS organises workshops in Italy and abroad on specific scientific topics, and international exchanges with similar associations. It also provides grants to young science journalists.
Journalists 112
Public relations officers 28
Total 140
WFSJ (member); EUSJA (member)
Leading officers are elected every three years by the annual general assembly. The Executive Office meets roughly three or four times per year.
Financing: The annual budget (~ € 200 000) is sourced from membership fees and one legacy fund.

Manuela Bergami | UGIS Secretariat  c/o FAST Piazzale Rodolfo Morandi 2 I-20121 Milano (Italy)
Phone: + 39 02 77790.322
Fax: + 39 02 782485