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Science Journalists

Rwanda Association of Science Journalists (RASJ)


Established: 2007
RASJ is a professionnal association of science journalists which aims to mobilizing and helping journalists cover and publish science stories with accuracy and insight.
Mission: To promote excellence in science reporting in the news media.
Vision: RASJ will achieve its mission by providing education and other resources for its members by raising awareness of the importance of science coverage in the secular media.
Key Activities:
  • Mobilizing funds to help science reporters gain knowledge on how they can cover their stories
  • Linking with science journalists associations from other countries (TWINING)
  • To apply for membership of other Science organization on the regional, Africa, and International level
  • To strengthen the capacity of our association.
Journalists 17
Others 12
Total 29
The members of the Executive Board shall be elected by the members of RASJ (General Assembly), and shall comprise of four persons who shall act respectively as the President, Vice-President, Secretary and Treasurer.
Financing: Annual membership fees of 10 000 Rwandan francs (20 USD)per member is paid annually, but RASJ Executive Board or General Assembly may establish varying fees as subscription for membership of different categories and may from time to time offer special fee discounts. RASJ is also mobilizing funds from donors and other partners to support some of its main activities (Action plan),including seminars and media workshop, and awards for best science journalists during 2008.
Rwanda Association of Science Journalists
P.o Box 1806 Kigali, Rwanda
Tel. (250) 08 44 88 58