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Science Journalists

French association of science journalists (AJSPI)

Established: 1955
With 250 members, the Association of Scientific Journalists in the Informative Press (AJSPI) brings together scientific journalists working for all types of media: print, radio, television, Internet. It is very representative of the scientific journalism profession.

Despite a light administrative structure run on a voluntary basis, the AJSPI is very active, organising meetings, debates between members, colloquia, meetings with researchers, visits etc. in a fraternal and friendly atmosphere.

The AJSPI has non-profit charitable status. Its management committee has 9 members and meets once a month. Its head office is based in Paris.

The AJSPI is one of the founding members of the European Union of Scientific Journalist Associations (EUSJA).
Key Activities:
Breakfast debate, journalism formation, exchange between journalists and researchers, organizing lab's visits, in France and abroad.
Science journalists 250
Freelancers ~60%
Public relation Officers 0%
Working science journalists
represented by the organization
Total 250
Founding and current member of the European Federation for Science Journalism (EFSJ) - WFSJ (member) - Founding and former member of the European Union of Science Journalists (EUSJA)
The board is elected at a general assembly once a year
Financing: n/a
AJSPI 18 rue des Vallées 92700 Colombes | France | e: 

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Cécile Klingler
AJSPI delegate to the WFSJ