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Association des Journalistes et Communicateurs Scientifiques du Benin - AJCSB


Established: 2010
L’Association des Journalistes et Communicateurs Scientifiques du Bénin (AJCSB) is a professional association for Benin science journalists and science communicators. It represents about 80% of working science journalists in Benin. The aims of AJCSB is to promote the practice of journalism and communication for the dissemination of scientific research results at national and international levels; and design, implement or evaluate the operations of journalism and communication science. L’AJCSB intend to ensure the collection, storage, processing, dissemination and popularization of scientific and technical information (STI); promote relationships and patterns of exchange of experience and continuing education or continuing between its members and provide training to members of academic careers in information and communication science and technology (ICST) and encourage vocations. AJCSB also intends to secure the contribution of members to support the formulation, implementation, and monitoring and evaluation of policies and strategies for ICST, contribute to public awareness for the advent of a scientific and technological culture and strengthening cooperation between the Association, the Canadian Institutes for Research and Education Organizations and cooperation in research and development in Benin, Africa and worldwide. Finally, the association objective is also to promote cooperation and solidarity in journalism and science communication and strengthening the culture of democracy, human rights and freedoms by the democratization of science and technology, education and information on science issues.
Key Activities:
AJCSB hosts a "café science", a public science conference which takes place in a café. The association also intends to organize seminars, workshops, studies on science in Benin, awards in science journalism and in science; and visits to laboratories and field research sites.
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The president and the general secretary are elected by the general assembly, which meets annually. The executive office meets once per month.
Financing: The annual budget is sourced from membership fees.
Christophe D. ASSOGBA , Président | 03BP 3273 | Cotonou | BENIN, E-mail: , Tél: (229) 97 64 82 06 |

Journal de l'association

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