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Kenya Environment and Science Journalists Association (KENSJA)


Established: 2007
The Kenya Environment and Science Journalists Association, a non-political, professional body for environment and science journalists in Kenya, brings together science journalists in the country to encourage high standards of professionalism and to promote a science culture by developing the skills of journalists in communicating science. Some of its objectives are to form a network of science journalists, to play a role in developing skills of journalists, to monitor Kenyan policy issues on environment and science and the media on both poor and excellent science coverage.
Key Activities:
The association is a platform through which members interact, exchange experiences, and inform each other of opportunities since 2007.

The association has conducted various workshops, field excursions. KENSJA is planning on an annual award for Kenyan science journalism. We also have a plan to create a science news agency, produce a guidebook for science journalism in Kenya, and regular capacity-building workshops for science journalists.
40 members
WFSJ (Member), Africa Federation of Science Journalists (Member)
The board of the association is elected after every three years during a General Meeting.
Current board comprise:
KENSJA Chair person - Rosalia Omungo 
Secretary General - Linda Adhiambo Bach
Financing: The financial backbone of the association is the members contributions; currently KSh. 300 per member a month. Besides, we find sponsors for specific arrangements.
Rosalia Omungo, Chairperson,