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Australasian Medical Writers Association

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Established: 1982
The Australasian Medical Writers Association (AMWA) Inc was established in 1982 and has approximately 270 members from around Australia, New Zealand South-East Asia and the Pacific. Membership includes journalists, writers and editors who specialise in health and medical journalism, writing articles for the mainstream press, electronic media and publications for health professionals. Affiliate category members are writers and public relations practitioners who work for hospitals, government departments, health promotion organisations, pharmaceutical companies and a range of other groups with an interest in health and medicine.

Many members work as freelance writers or journalists with a diverse range of clients. AMWA also attracts many doctors, nurses and other health professionals who are interested in expanding their career into writing and editing as well as journalists who wish to specialise in health and medicine.
Key Activities:
Providing networking opportunities for members who may be working in isolation and to bring together members from all Australian states, territories and other countries as well as fostering state-based activities i.e. AMWA members in Victoria meet three to four times each year for a seminar/networking evening. AMWA provides a website ( and regular e-newsletters, email broadcast/bulletins as its main way of communicating with members and also holds a conference each year. AMWA has developed a Professional Development Program (PDP) that includes a wide range of workshops held at the annual conference each year. An AMWA PDP Certificate is awarded on completion of eight workshops. In 2012, AMWA launched a webinar series.
270 (75% journalists/writers // 25% Public relations/promotion)
Affiliations: WFSJ (member); European Medical Writers Association (EMWA)
The Executive Committee is elected at the AGM held at the AMWA Annual Conference and meet s 11 times a year via teleconference.
Financing: member subscription
Contact:  Justin Coleman (President)
PO Box 1261
Chatswood NSW 2067