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The Balkan Association of Science Journalists (BASJ)



The Balkan Association of Science Journalists (BASJ) is a regional association of journalists from the Balkan's printed and electronic media, which report and research on all scientific topics. Apart from association and networking, the mission of BASJ is to strengthen mutual cooperation in international and regional projects, advocacy journalism, develop legal representation for journalists working in media, expand partnerships with experts, organizations involved in science, research, education, and regional/ international institutions.
Key activities:


- Promote free, objective and pluralistic science media and multimedia
- Strengthen professional autonomy and independence of science journalists

- Promote professional and ethical standards
- Promote ethical and responsible science journalism to protect the public from the misuse of media and multimedia
- Protect the rights and interests of the science reporters and other members of the BASJ
- Improve the social and economic status of members BASJ
- Have an impact on all the important issues in the field of public information and mass media, especially the adoption of regulations concerning the media
- Cooperation with other journalists and media organizations, associations and business associations in the country and abroad, who aspire to the same goals and principles

65 members based in 13 countries


Elected board of 14 members. Executive and programme committees. Online Annual General Meeting

Self-funding through memberships

c/o Srdjan Papic Djuric
Melenacki drum no. 35
23000 Zrenjanin
Autonomous province of Voivodina, Republic of Serbia