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Swiss Association of Science Journalism

Established: 1974
The Swiss Association of Science Journalism SASJ
( is an association of journalists in print, broadcasting and new media, who have a unique or strong interest in science and/or technology and/or health and/or environment. Its goals are: to promote an independant, transparant and quality science journalism in Swiss medias; to foster training opportunities in science journalism; to create a network amongst its members and members of other science journalism associations.
Key Activities:
The SASJ has various activities along the year: 2 major workshops (one on health, the other on techniques of science journalism), a General Assembly (GA), many field study trips in Switzerland, training, courses about new issues in science. Besides, on a regular basis, the SASJ organises a trip in a foreign country (last two: China (2008), Brazil (2014)). The SASJ publishes three times a year a bulletin, and emails a weekly newsletter. The SASJ finally awards yearly 1 to 3 grants of up to 5000$ for investigative science journalism to its members.
About 350 members, for a half journalists (employed, freelance, retired) which are "ordinary members" (right to vote at the general assembly GA), represented all major medias in Switzerland, for the other half communication officers and other "extraordinary members" (no right to vote GA)
WFSJ (member)
8 board members are elected at an annual GA. The board meets 4-5 times a year in person, and has regular email exchanges.
Financing: The annual budget is sourced from membership fees, external donors, and occasional activity-based sponsorship.
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