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Association Congolaise des Journalistes et Communicateurs Scientifiques (ACJS)

Democrat Republic of Congo


Established: 2011
The Association Congolaise des Journalistes et Communicateurs Scientifiques (ACJS) was founded in 2011. ACJS's main objectives are:

• Help raise awareness of public opinion on the merits of science and technology as advantages for development and the emergence of a scientific culture in the service of social progress
• Ensure the collection, storage facilities, processing, dissemination and popularization of scientific information.
• Provide academic members to trade information and communication science and technology (ICST) and encourage vocations, Supporting governments, institutes of research and educational organizations as well as development actors in the dissemination of scientific information and decisions concerning the well being of people,
• Encourage cooperation between the association and the institutions and organizations of research and development in the DRC.
• To promote relations and flow of exchanges of experience and continuing education or continuing between its members
WFSJ (member)
The General Meeting elects the Coordination Committee by consensus, by default vote and appoint two auditors belonging to the naked coordinating committee, or executive office. The General Assembly meets once every two years in regular session convened by the coordinating committee. It meets in regular session this extra convened by the Coordinating Committee or at the request of two-thirds of executive board member.
• The Coordinating Committee: it is the highest authority between two ordinary general meetings. The Coordinating Committee is the monitoring body, monitoring and evaluating the implementation of their decisions and resolution by the Executive Board. There it meets at least once a year at the call of General Coordinator.

Coordinator: Guylain IMBULA
General Secretary: Guylain KATSHOKO

Guylain IMBULA
Journalist, CNTV Kinshasa