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Network of Science Journalists & Communicators of Haiti (NESJCOMH)





The Network of Science Journalists and Communicators of Haiti (NESCOMH) is a non-profit organization, representing science journalists and communicators nationally and regionally in Haiti's rural and urban areas.

The association encourages strong, critical coverage of issues in science and technology, climate change, health and medicine, agriculture and related field and disciplines in Haiti.

Key Activities:

The Network organizes training for its journalists and communicators, science round tables, seminars and conferences, debates and advocacy workshops as well as meetings between members of the public and the private media in rural and urban areas.


50 Journalists and Communicators (25 Journalist + 25 Communicators)

WFSJ (member)

The president and the general secretary are elected by the General Assembly, which meets annually. The Executive Committee meets once monthly to discuss the different activities of the association.

Financing: N/a

NESJCOMH does currently not have any financial means to start their activities and interactions between the public and the media in Haiti's rural and urban areas.


Jean-Claude Dorsainvil

The Network of Science Journalists and Communicators of Haiti (NESJCOMH)
Réseau des Journalistes et Communicateurs Scientifiques d’Haïti (REJCOMSH)

Delmas 33, Montpellier, 3 Rue St-Paul
Telephone (509) 3908-8904  /  509- 44 08 2623
Port-au-Prince, Haiti

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