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Arab Science Journalists Association (ASJA)


Established: 2006
The Arab Association of Science Journalists brings together science journalists reporting in the Arab world to encourage high standards of professionalism and to promote a science culture in the region by developing the skills of journalists in communicating science. Some of its objectives are to form a network of science journalists in the Arab world, to play a role in developing skills of journalists, and to monitor Arab media for signs of both poor and excellent science coverage.
Key Activities:
The association has already set up an e-group through which members have been interacting, exchanging experiencess, and informing each other of opportunities since 2003. In December 2006, the association will organize a session on Arab science journalism during a large conference organized by the Arab Science & Technology Foundation (ASTF) for Arab scientists in Damascus, Syria.

The association is planning on co-organizing with ASTF an annual award for Arab science journalism. They are also planning on co-organizing, again with ASTF, an annual conference for Arab science journalists. In addition, they have plans to create an Arab science news agency, a guidebook for science journalism in Arabic, and regular capacity-building workshops for Arab science journalists.
215 members
WFSJ (member); twinned with the National Association of Science Writers (NASW) in the United States
Leading officers are elected by a general assembly and the Executive Office meets about once per month.
Financing: To be determined
Nehal Lasheen, president. Tel: +2012 248 213 56 (Cairo, Egypt). Email: