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Science Journalists

Cameroon's Association of Science Journalists and Communicators (SciLife)


Established: 2006
SciLife is a professional association for Cameroonian science journalists, science communicators and science popularization facilitators. It represents about 90% of working science journalists in Cameroon.

The objective of the organization is to promote public interest in science and technology, and their impact in society, via better reporting and public communication. SciLife intends to help reporters explain science issues arising in Cameroon or abroad to the public, namely by providing training for its members with the help of international science communicator associations. SciLife also intends to contribute to a stronger democracy by making science and technology, education and scientific matters more accessible.
Key Activities:
SciLife hosts a "café science", a public science conference which takes place in a café. The association also intends to organize seminars, workshops, studies on science in Cameroon, awards in science journalism and in science; and visits to laboratories and field research sites.
Journalists 19
Others (scholars, teachers) 2
Total 21
WFSJ (member); twinned with the French Association of Scientific Journalists (AJSPI)
The president and the general secretary are elected by the general assembly, which meets annually. The executive office meets once per month
Financing: The annual budget (~ € 11 000) is sourced from membership fees.
Ms. Dora Shey, President