World Federation of
Science Journalists

Uganda Science Journalists Association (USJA)


Established: 2005
USJA is a forum of journalists and scientists/researchers working for the development of science communication in Uganda. USJA's objectives are to enhance the quality of reporting of science through providing journalists with training opportunities, to provide a forum through which science journalists can discuss the development of science communication and to provide a professional link for journalists and scientists.
Key Activities:
USJA trains journalists through seminars, field excursions and short courses. It wants to build a database for scientific issues, and organize exchange visits with science journalists in others countries. It also hopes to hold public dialogues and expert debates, and create linkages between reporters, scientists and the public through various activities in print, radio and television.
27 members
WFSJ (member)
The leading officers are elected every three years at the annual general assembly.

Current Officers:

Mr. William Odinga Balikuddembe - Chairman
Mr. Grace Musimami - Vice Chairman

Ms Lominda Afedraru - General Secretary
and Mr. Henry Lutaaya - Treasurer.

The five elected committee members are: Ms. Sarah Natolo, Mr. Andrew Otuba, Mr. Peter Wambiga-Mugirya, Ms. Aminah Bukenya and Mr. Arthur Makara
Financing: N/a
William Odinga Balikuddembe, Chairperson | PO Box 33615
Kampala, UGANDA |
t: 256 41 231998, m: 256-772-881727