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Chinese Society for Science and Technology Journalism (CSSTJ)


Established: 1988
CSSTJ is made up of reporters, editors and communicators, as well as entrepreneurs, government officers, and educators who are devoted to science communication. Its objectives are to bring science journalists and editors together to implement strategies for revitalizing the nation through science and education; to promote academic exchange on science communication; to improve the ability of its members to communicate about science; and to boost social progress in science and technology.
Key Activities:
CSSTJ holds seminars for journalists and editors; sponsors a biennial academic conference and an international conference on media; organizes a science news competition; and publishes three journals: Chinese Information on Science and Technology, Science News (academic journal), and Popular Computer.

CSSTJ cosponsors media postgraduate courses with the Department of Mass Media of Tsinghua University and the University of Science and Technology of China.
CSSTJ has 40 group members, including 16 regional societies, as well as thousands of individual members
WFSJ (member)
CSSTJ's highest decision-making body is its national conferences and the Administrative Committee is the highest executive body.
Financing: N/a
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Academic exchange

CSSTJ organized the 1st (1992), 2nd (1999) and 3rd (2001) "Symposium on Newspapers (Media) and Science and Social Development of the Asian and Pacific Region". At these conferences, experts and researchers from both China and abroad discussed the characteristics, influence and trends of the media, as well as development strategies of traditional media in the new century.