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Philippine Science Journalists' Association (PSciJourn)


Established: 2001
PsciJourn includes science and technology (S&T) media practitioners, communicators and advocates committed to creating a science-oriented culture among Filipinos. PSciJourn aims to: 1) support the government's effort in developing a science-oriented public; 2) promote public awareness, understanding and appreciation of S&T through vigorous and comprehensive information dissemination in partnership with the Department of Science and Technology (DOST), and other related S&T agencies; 3) serve as a catalyst of change by advocating S&T policies and issues affecting the people and the nation; and 4) create a pool of science journalists and organize trainings and scholarships for journalists committed to S&T.
Key Activities:
PSciJourn has conducted two congresses, accorded lifetime achievement awards to four distinguished S&T journalists, and collaborated with other science societies to conduct S&T fora and seminars. PSciJourn national officers have also organized regional chapters to carry out the association's objectives more widely throughout the Philippines.

On September 14th 2012, PSciJourn held it's congress on the theme of: Conserve and protect water: it saves lives. The one-day event concluded with the election of PSciJourn board. Reelected were Resurreccion, Tenorio, Cristobal, Gonzales and Carandang. Newly elected BOD members were Linda Bohol (Dyaryo Ngayon) and Ester Gallardo (Manila Newsweek).
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Melly C. Tenorio

Science Journalism Week

On August 11, 2003, Philippines President Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo signed a proclamation authorizing PSciJourn to lead the observance of Science Journalism Week on the third week of July each year.