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Chilean Association of Science Journalism (ACHIPEC)


Established: 1976
The Chilean Association of Science Journalists, ACHIPEC, was founded in 1976. Its members believe that helping spread scientific knowledge is an efficient social tool, and contributes to improve people’s quality of life.

An important part of ACHIPEC’s effort is focused on introducing Science Journalism at Chilean universities, and establishing cooperation links with scientists and academics.

During its over thirty years of existence, ACHIPEC has carried out numerous activities, such as: seminars, conferences, workshops, and research. In 1996 ACHIPEC hosted the VI Latin American Congress of Science Journalism that took place in Santiago, Chile.

On 2007 ACHIPEC joined the World Federation of Science Journalists. The members of the Chilean Association are convinced that today, more than ever, it is imperative that science journalists from around the world share experiences, and work together in the democratization of knowledge.

The journalists who belong to ACHIPEC make their contribution to the spreading of science from their places of work at different national and international media outlets, and scientific/academic institutions.
Journalists 65
WFSJ(member) AIPC (member); member of the National Journalist Organization, Chile
The executive office meets regularly
Financing: Revenue is made up by contributions from scientific organizations and other enterprises. There is no fixed budget.
President: Gonzalo Argandoña 
International Coordinator: Patricia Scholz 

ACHIPEC Publications

¿Más Calidad o Cantidad de Vida en Chile (More quality or quantity of life in Chile?)

¿Cuántos debemos ser los chilenos y por qué? (How many are we, the Chileans, and why?)

Teoría y Práctica del Periodismo Científico (Theory and Practice of Science Journalism)