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Catalan Association for Science Communication(ACCC)


Established: 1990
The ACCC includes journalists communicators, scientists, publishers and other professionists that share an interest in communicating science in the media. The ACCC's main goal is to promote, broaden and improve science communication in the Catalan speaking countries. Another goal is to focus on the social and political aspects of scientific information, while trying to contribute to social progress. The ACCC aims to facilitate training and to encourage debate and self-criticism among communicators of science, technology and innovation.
Key Activities:
The ACCC organizes exhibition and lectures by experts in science and communications; organizes an annual prize for young researchers to promote popularisation of research (Joan Oró Prize); maintains specialized groups of communicators (for example, on environment, and health sciences); publishes directories of science communication professionals; participates in activities to promote the public understanding of science; organizes science communication courses for scientists and science journalists; and maintains a mailing list inclding more than 700 users.
186 members
WFSJ (member); EUSJA (in application process)
An annual general assembly is held and elections take place biannually. The Executive Office meets once per month.
Financing: The annual budget varies from year to year and is sourced from membership fees, institutional grants and private company funding.
Cristina Ribas, president | Rambla de Catalunya 10 08007
Barcelona, SPAIN e: crisribas [AT],

Popular science lectures

Prestige Oil Spill | Michel Girin, 2003
Stem cell research | Bernat Soria, 2004
Malaria vaccine | Pedro Alonso, 2005

"16 Catalan woman scientists" (2010)
"What's that thing that you study?" (2011)
Scientific movies and debates
"Drawer of Science" (2010-now)