World Federation of Science Journalists

Finnish Association of Science Editors and Journalists (FASEJ)


Established: 1985
FASEJ's objective is to promote science publication and communication activities, as well as the exchange of science information, not only within the scientific community, but also in society as a whole. By promoting the professional skills of science editors and journalists, it aims at enhancing the status and appreciation of creative editorial work. It also facilitates cooperation between scientific editors and journalists employed in different fields. It represents about 95 % of science journalists in Finland.
Key Activities:
The FASEJ organises visits to places and sites of interest to its members, as well as seminars and training sessions to promote their professional skills. The association distributes the Science Journalist Award as well as grants to promote the professional competence of scientific editors and journalists. It's tools for internal and external communications include a mailing list, website and the Tiedetoimittaja (Science Editor) magazine.
Journalists 310
Public relations officers 232
Other (editors, etc.) 232
Total 774
WFSJ (member); EUSJA (member); Federation of Finnish Learned Societies; Kopiosto ry; European Association of Science Editors (EASE)
The Executive Office is elected by the board and meets eight to ten times per year. A general assembly is held twice annually.
Financing: The annual budget (€250 000) is sourced from membership fees and funds collected by Kopiosto ry.
Vesa Niinikangas, Managing Director | Mariankatu 5 00170
Helsinki, FINLAND | e:

Copyright fees
Kopiosto ry, copyright organization for authors, publishers and performing artists, channels much of FASEJ's revenue. In Finland there has been a collective management of copyrights of photocopying since the 1970's. Kopiosto administers licenses for photocopying copyrighted material and collects and distributes remunerations to copyrights owners.