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Spanish Association of Science Communication (AECC)


Established: 1971
In the beggining, in 1975, this association was called Asociación Española de Periodismo Científico (AEPC), but later it took the name of Asociación Española de Comunicación Científica (AECC), founded in Madrid, brings together science and technology information professionals in mass media, as well as key figures in education and academia involoved in the popularisation of science. Its objectives are to represent science journalists, communicators and popularizers; to create a climate of interest in Spanish society towards science; and to improve the professional quality of S&T journalism in Spain. It represents about 30% of science journalists in Spain.
Key Activities:
The AECC published Periodismo Científico (Scientific Journalism), which was distributed in Spain and Latin America and is also online. In 2000 the AECC launched an annual publication, Science and Technology of the AECC, an extensive guide to S&T in Spain. The AECC has also organized two national congresses of science journalism and has hosted seven Latin American congresses of science journalism. AECC sponsors specialized courses in science communication.
WFSJ (member); EUSJA (member); AIPC (member)
Leading officers are elected at the annual general assembly, and the Executive Office then meets monthly.
Financing: The annual budget (~ € 7 000) is sourced from membership fees.
Antonio Calvo Roy, President | Calle Diana, 16, 1º C. 28022 Madrid | e: