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Argentinian Network of Science Journalism


Established: October 15, 2010
The Argentinian Network of Science Journalism is a new science journalism association. The goal is to improve the standard of science journalism in Argentina and promote the critical thinking about science, health, environment and technology. Most of the members are active science and health journalists. It includes teachers and science communicators.
Key Activities:
Training workshops on different topics: tobacco control, epidemiology & epidemics, statistics, climate change, clean energies, among others. Seminars for members about science fiction and science journalism, math news, readings of papers, and meteorology. Some of these activities are opened for non-members. The association has a very active discussion-list by e-mail to share resources, experiences and recommendations between science journalists.
70 members.
World Federation of Science Journalists (WFSJ)
An annual general assembly is held and elections take place biannually. The Executive Office meets once per month. The current executive board is formed by Ana María Vara, Florencia O´Keeffe, Valeria Román, Alejandra Sofía, Cecilia Farré, Víctor Ingrassia, Susana Roldán, Lucas Viano, Carla Nowak, Nora Bär, Alejandra Folgarait and Diana Alvarez.
Financing: The annual budget varies from year to year and is sourced from membership fees, institutional grants and private fundations fundings.
President – Argentinian Network of Science Journalism: Matias Loewy