World Federation of Science Journalists

European Union of Science Journalists' Associations (EUSJA)


Established: 1971
EUSJA is an umbrella organization of national and regional science journalist associations in Europe. EUSJA improves communication between the scientific community and society and promotes contacts among the various member associations and among journalists engaged in reporting science, medicine and technology.
Key Activities:
EUSJA's activities include regular study trips to research institutions and universities organized by a local national association for delegates from the other member associations; workshops and conferences about science communication in the media; and bilateral contacts between member associations.
EUSJA is a member of WFSJ, and includes the following national members:

Austria | Austrian Science and Education Journalists' Association

Belgium | Belgian Association of Science Journalists (ABJSc)

Croatia | Croatian Science Journalists' Association

Czech Republic | Czech Association of Science Journalists

Denmark | Danish Science Journalists Association

Estonia | Estonian Science Journalists' Association

Finland | Finnish Association of Science Editors and Journalists (FASEJ)

Germany | German Science Journalists' Association (WPK)

Germany | Journalists' Association for Technical-Scientific Publicism (TELI)

Greece | Hellenic Association of Science Communication Science View

Hungary | Club of Hungarian Science Journalists

Ireland | Irish Science Journalists Association (ISJA)

Italy | Italian Association of Science Journalists (UGIS)

Italy | Science Writers in Italy (SWIM)

Netherlands | Dutch Association of Science Journalists (VWN)

Poland | Polish Science Journalists' Association

Portugal | Portuguese Science Journalists' Association

Romania | Romanian National Commission for UNESCO

Russia | Russian Association of Science Writers and Journalists 'INTELLECT'

Slovenia | Slovenian Science Journalists' Association

Spain | Catalan Association for Science Communication (ACCC)

Spain | Spanish Association of Science Communication (AECC)

Sweden | Association of Swedish Science Journalists

Switzerland | Swiss Association of Science Journalism

United Kingdom | Association of British Science Writers (ABSW)
Leading officers are elected by the general assembly at every second annual meeting.

President: Satu Lipponen (Finland)
Vice-President: Viola Egikova (Russia)
Honorary Secretary: Wolfgang C. Goede (Germany)
Treasurer: Priit Ennet (Estonia)
Associate Member: Menelaos Sotiriou (Greece)
Financing: The annual budget (€ 50 000) is sourced from membership fees and European Commission project grants.
Contact Email
Marie Suchanova (France)

Postal address

EUSJA c/o Euroscience
1 Quai Lezay-Marnésia