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Medical Journalists Association of Japan (MEJA)


Established: 1987
MEJA was founded by a group of journalists with an interest in medical science, medicine, and health care. The association is comprised of freelance reporters; staff reporters from newspapers, television, publishing agencies, and magazines; as well as editors, public relations officers, doctors, nurses and researchers. The objective of the association is to stimulate communication between members and other news sources, to enhance the quality of reports by medical journalists and communicators, and to deepen our insight and knowledge in the fields of medical science, medicine, and health care.
Key Activities:
MEJA publishes a quarterly newsletter “Medical Journalists”, convenes monthly seminars with medical experts, conducts visits to medical facilities twice a year and is involved in the publication of several books and documents. The association translated and published two US Academy of Science publications, “To Err is Human” in 2000 and “A New Health System for the 21st Century” in 2002.
Journalists 170
Others (editors, researchers, etc)
MEJA also had 20 corporate members
WFSJ (member)
Leading officers are elected by the annual general assembly, every two years, and meet together every two months. The president is elected by the officers, with final approval from the general assembly.
Financing: Annual budget is sourced from membership fees
Ryu Kondoh, secretary-general | c/o Cosmo Public Relations Corporation 1-8-10, Azabudai | Minato-ku, Tokyo | JAPAN 106-0041