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2020 Vision: The Impact of Science on Society

Join Genome Canada October 22 - 24, 2008 at its third international conference on genomics and proteomics research. Be among the first to hear about the latest advances and discoveries that will have a direct impact on society today, and in the near future.

Featuring a roster of distinguished speakers from around the world, 2020 Vision: the Impact of Science on Society will challenge and inspire participants to consider the future of genomics, and the environmental, economic, ethical, social and legal implications of today's research.

What's on the agenda
Attend themed sessions on:

  • Commercialization, data release and open-access
  • Human genetic variation
  • New paradigm for drug discovery
  • Green genomics
  • Childhood diseases
  • Stem cells
  • Role of science in government

Who should attend?
This conference is of particular interest to researchers, policy makers, senior managers in industry and academia, the media, government and concerned citizens looking to stay informed of the rapid and revolutionary changes underway in genomics and proteomics today.