World Federation of Science Journalists

Workshop: capacity building project for rwandan science journalists

18 - 20 December 2008
Kigali, Rwanda

The Rwanda Association of Science Journalists (RASJ) , with the support of its key partners, including the World Federation of Science Journalists (WFSJ) among other , is organizing the first conference on Science Journalism which will gather at least 70 professionals journalisms working for either local, r regional as well as international proficient science journalists will gather together in Kigali, Capital city of Rwanda to debate on the current challenges in Science awareness among media practionners working for either print, TV, Radio as well as online magazine.

The goal of the Kigali symposium on Science Journalism is especially to train local and African journalists on how to cover science issue with other research and technological innovation and therefore arise awareness among them to cover science in a professional approach, in order to play an influence role in different levels including decision making process and enhancing the public debate through better common knowledge and understanding of the impact of Research innovation toward societal change in our region, Africa, and around the world.

The first two days of the conference are aimed mainly at Science journalism professionals. The last day addresses the broader issue of the interaction between journalists, researchers and it will also be open for a broader audience before a field trip.

The conference program includes several prominent people in science journalism including Mme Kathryn Ohara, A Senior Lecturer in Science Journalism from a prominent Canadian University of Carleton, who will be together with other long serving science journalists from the region and other lecturers from the School of Journalism and Communication (EJC) of the National University of Rwanda.

The idea of organizing the Kigali symposium comes after RASJ members realized that, not until now existed any recognized and discipline of Science Journalism in Rwanda, in the region and some where else in Africa and around the world in general.

The mission of the conference is not only to offer Rwanda media practionners the opportunity offered to them through exchanging with trainers some ideas and current challenges in science Journalism, and to collectively discuss the most important aims, methods, tools and to propose best practices of Science Journalism in the their national and regional context.

The RASJ created, in August 2007 is committed not only to arise science awareness among local journalists but also in twinning with other national associations.