World Federation of Science Journalists

Training to strengthen reporting of science issues in Kenya

December 10 - 11, 2008
Nairobi, Kenya

Reporters in Kenya who cover science issues typically receive training in journalism, not science. They often lack the knowledge and skills necessary to appropriately and adequately evaluate information concerning aspects of science. The lack of training makes it difficult for journalists to assess reports or claims made by various institutions, organizations, and individuals, and it impedes their ability to provide accurate, substantive coverage of these critical issues.

MESHA, in conjunction with CSWA and WFSJ would like to engage in an ongoing effort to enhance capacity of journalists in Kenya. To launch this effort, we propose to organize various activities between the two national media associations which aim at establishing a functional secretariat for MESHA; organize five thematic workshops; organize learning trips for board members; training and capacity strengthening workshops for journalists on thematic areas of science issues in Kenya, among other things.

This is in realization that a large amount of information is generated from researches, projects, meetings and newsletters carried out by various scientists. Such sources often generate information which is crucial to the user communities which do not have access to modern conventional media of information that is relevant to their needs and priorities. This proposal seeks to bridge this gap by making such information available to the local communities and those able to access information using modern available tools with a view of empowering them to demand and internalise the need for science.

By providing well-researched, accurate and balanced information to the communities (and giving feedback to producers of such knowledge), they get empowered to demand science to transform their production and income-generating activities - and hence uplift their own livelihoods.


The overall aim of the capacity building project is to improve the capacity of journalists to report accurately, clearly and qualitatively science issues through well researched, simple and balanced science articles which will ultimately empower communities to demand proper use of resources.

More information will be added soon