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Darwin's living legacy: An International conference on Evolution and Society

Charles Darwin is celebrated as one of the greatest scientists of all time, with his work forming the foundation of many different research fields, and yet his ideas still stir up debate. We would like to explore Darwinism in context and promote an informed dialogue about evolutionary science, grounded in a mutual respect for differences in ideas, cultures and religious beliefs. To initiate this we have teamed up with Bibliotheca Alexandrina to organise this international conference (14-16 November 2009).

This international conference will include academic speakers from over 30 countries and will be arranged around three strands:

Cutting Edge Evolutionary Science
Current research focusing on: Genetics; Genomics; Speciation; Origin of Adaptation; Epigenetics; Evolutionary Microbiology; Molecular Biology; Evolutionary Ecology; Biodiversity.

Applications of Evolutionary Science
Agriculture and Plant Sciences; Biomedicine; Engineering; Anthropology; Economic development.

Social and Cultural Impacts of Darwinism and Evolution
Historical debates; Reception of Darwinism across cultures; Evolution and Education; Evolution and Ethics; Science, Religion and Society.
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