World Federation of Science Journalists

SEJ Conference in Miami

The Society of Environmental Journalists, SEJ (, the largest and oldest organisation devoted to improving the quality and quantity of environmental coverage worldwide, is hosting its 21st conference in Miami, Florida, this October 19th to the 22nd. We want to extend an invitation to all WFSJ members to consider attending this year's conference, that will gather world-renowned scientists and will cover crucial environmental issues that have a common denominator threughout the world: offshore drilling, forests, mining, environmental justice, illegal wildlife trade, hurricanes, sustainable foods, invasive species, deep oceans, fisheries, aquaculture, mucho more).

But we won't stay put inside the hotel venue all the time, with breathtaking views of Biscayne Bay, the cruise ships and the wild dolphins. We will head out into the field, into the iconic Everglades National Park, in airboats, where we will learn about the marrigae between fresh water and grass, "the river of grass", and its amazing life. We will go into the oceans, snorkeling and diving and yachting. We will visit the world's largest cruiseship and learn wht it is doing to help the environment. We'll put you out there to see fauna as exciting as sharks, alligators, burmese pythons, dolphins, herons, manatees, all the iconic mega fauna of the state of Florida. Our tours and mini tours include a visit to the nationa Hurricane Center and a turbine simulator, the Wall of Wind, capable of generating category 5 winds. We'll drive down the lovely Florida keys and see the ony sea tute hospital in the world. Or, we'll catch a stroll don the Fairchild Tropical Garden with its thousands of plant species from around the world.

Please visit our conference webpages and let us contagiate you qith the excitement of this unprecedented environmental journalism conference, which promises to be memorable.