World Federation of Science Journalists

Workshop on environment news reporting

The Kenya Environment and Science Journalists Association (KENSJA) and the World Wildlife Fund will hold a workshop on environment news reporting. The meeting that will take place at Kenya’s coastal town of Mombasa from January 17-20 will look at the role of media in putting conservation issues on the local, regional and global agenda, the role of the media in sustainable use of the environment and the state of Coastal Forests in the region and their importance.

It will also look at the state of Oil, Gas, and Extractives in Africa, specific focus on Coastal East Africa with a discussion and exchange of views and ideas. The state of coastal forests in Kenya, Tanzania and Mozambique will also be key area under spotlight during the five-day event.

The meeting will also help journalists understand WWF’s work when it comes to Coastal Forests.

Field visits to various projects WWF projects in Mombassa will take place with writing and preparation of stories gathered for presentation on last day of workshop

The workshop will also facilitate dialogue between journalists and environmental experts with discussions on policy related issues, development practices, and researches and on ways of promoting environmental journalism in the region and the continent at large.

According to Mwendwa Kiogora, KENSJA’s treasure, this will be the first in an action packed year for the association that seeks to promote science journalism and to also give practioners and upcoming journalist a platform for sharing and professional development.

“As a science journalists’ association, we are playing a special role in promoting science journalism in the country and beyond. We are committed and we will continue forging ahead difficulties notwithstanding,” she said.