World Federation of
Science Journalists

You want to organize the WCSJ 2017!

1. A Conference for Science Journalists

It is expected that each World Conference of Science Journalists (WCSJ) will be designed to serve the professional development needs of science journalists. The clearer the benefits for the science journalists and the stronger they are involved in designing and organizing the WCSJ, the better.

2. Key requirements

As per the resolution at the 2013 Annual Meeting of the WFJS, the conference model will be changing to bring it under the responsibility of WFSJ by the 2017 conference. As a result we look towards the 2017 conference and our partnership with the bidding association, as an opportunity to shape the conference model for years to come. We welcome the 2017 bidders contributions to this important change.

The Executive Board of the WFSJ selects the host country of the World Conference of Science Journalists (WCSJ). The members of the Executive will deliberate and announce their decision regarding the next 10th World Conference of Science Journalists (WCSJ2017) at the 9th World Conference of Science Journalists, in Seoul, 8 - 12 June 2015.

Consult the World Conference of Science Journalists Organizers Manual: the official guide to bidding and organizing the Conference of the World Federation of Science Journalists
(Updated Nov 2014)
1.   Only member associations of the World Federation of Science Journalists (WFSJ) can bid to organize the World Conference of Science Journalist. WFSJ is a federation of associations of science journalists, and the bidder has to be an association of science journalists. The bidding association can partner with another association of science journalists.

2.   The association bidding for the WCSJ2017 has to send a formal proposal to the Executive Director of the World Federation of Science Journalists (WFSJ) before 24 April 2015:
  • The proposal has to be in English, printed and mailed in 7 copies (one for each member of the Board); an electronic version should also be sent to;
  • All the 2013 bids can be consulted online at: Kenya, Korea and South Africa bid to host 2015 World Conference
  • Each bidder will be given 10 minutes to present the highlights of their proposal on 8 June 2015, the first day of the 9th World Conference of Science Journalists (WCSJ), in Seoul. Short Power Point presentations are recommended. These presentations are open to all registered participants at the Conference. The Present Board will decide on the winning bids.

3.   The WCSJ has to be organized to meet the interest of science journalists and focus on science journalism; this is the key requirement! The World Federation of Science Journalists encourages proposals from different regions of the world.

4.   The WCSJ organizers have to make sure their bid includes the following elements:
  • Brief outlines of the key features of the conference: a global theme of the planned conference, a track to focus on national and regional issues, sessions, plenaries, social activities, excursions, etc...
  • Information on the potential location and facilities;
  • Outline of plans to secure national funding to:
    • Cover the costs of WCSJ;
    • Support attendance of Science Journalists from developing countries to benefit from the Conference and the educational opportunities;
  • Plans to assure a global participation (at least 65% of the attendees come from outside the hosting territory);
  • Plans to facilitate the participation of science journalism students;
  • Plans to promote the conference in collaboration with WFSJ including the development and implementation of a national media campaign;
  • Plans to organize events that will involve the community at large in the host city (workshops in schools, public events, community projects, etc...
  • Commitments to assist delegates to obtain entry visa to attend the conference;

3. Important changes

1. The World Federation of Science Journalists changes President at each World Conference. However, unlike previous edition, the new President does not have to be a science journalist from the country that will host the following World Conference of Science Journalists.

2. The World Federation of Science Journalists will be financially responsible for profits and loses as well as liabilities resulting from the conference. It will also share 30% of net surplus with the hosting organizations after all conference organizing costs are accounted for and audits are completed, within six months of the conference completion. (All World Conferences of Science Journalists since 2004 have generated a surplus.The Association of British Science Writers, which organized the WCSJ2009 in London, handed back some $45,000 to the World Federation of Science Journalists. The WCSJ2004 generated a $135,000 surplus of which $45,000 was handed over to the WFSJ by the two organizing associations: the Association des communicateurs scientifiques (Québec) and the Canadian Science Writers' Association)


4. Previous conferences

8th World Conference of Science Journalists (WCSJ): web site:

7th World Conference of Science Journalists (WCSJ): web site:
6th World Conference of Science Journalists (WCSJ): web site
5th WCSJ: web site
4th WCSJ: web site
  • 4 - 8 October 2004, in Montréal (Québec) Canada
  • contact: Jean-Marc Fleury:
3rd WCSJ: web site
  • 24-27 November 2002, at the Universidade do Vale do Paraíba (Univap) in São José dos Campos, Brazil
  • contact: Fabiola de Oliveira:
2nd WCSJ: web site
  • 4th July 1999 in Budapest, Hungary
  • it was following the World Science Congress sponsored by UNESCO
  • Contact: Istvan Palugyai, email: Palugyai@Nepszabadsag.Hu
1st WCSJ: web site

5. Membership

The membership fee for the World Federation of Science Journalists is compulsory, see How to join WFSJ.

6. Competing countries

will share with bidders the names of the other bidders.

In June 2013, Kenya, Korea and South Africa competed for the hosting position in 2015 and Korea was the winning bid.
In June 2011, Finland was the only bidder for the WCSJ2013 and ... won!
In July 2009, in London, Finland, Kenya, Uganda, and Egypt jointly with the United States competed to host WCSJ2011. The bid submitted by Egypt and the United States was the winning bid.
In Melbourne, in 2007, Italy and the United Kingdom competed for WCSJ2009 and the UK was chosen to organize the 2009 World Conference. 
The first bidding process was in Montréal in October 2004 where the Australian Science Communicators, the Chinese Society for Science and Technology Journalism (CSSTJ), the Association for technical and industrial journalism of Germany (TELI)), the Union of Italian Science Journalists (UGIS)), and the Catalonian Association of Science Journalism (ACCC) with the Spanish Association of Science Journalism (AEPC) competed for WCSJ2007; Australia won.