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Breaking Science News (Press Conferences)

Between 12 pm and 12:30 pm, on October 5th, 6th and 7th, leading Canadian researchers will hold press conferences in the Viger C room. The results of an exclusive poll will also be presented. These brief presentations will be followed by a question period during which you will have an opportunity to get exclusive details on the latest scientific scoops. Here are the topics:

Tuesday, October 5th

Revealing the Evolution of a Continent
Ron Clowes, Lithoprobe, Geoscience Projet, University of British Columbia

Since 1984, one of the most ambitious earth sciences projects in the world has been poking and probing the structures that support the Canadian land mass. University of British Columbia geophysicist Ron Clowes, head of the Lithoprobe project, will provide a preview of the findings to be presented at a wrap-up conference held between October 13th and 15th.

Wednesday, October 6th

Science and the Media - Léger Marketing

What importance should the media give to science' Do science stories capture people's attention? Do they feel well informed about scientific topics? This press conference will present the results of an exclusive poll on Canadians' interest in newspapers and other media's science coverage.

Thursday, October 7th

Genomics and Global Health
Peter Singer, Joint Centre for Bioethics, University of Toronto

Genomics-related technologies have tremendous potential to address health problems in developing countries. A new report describes how the world's 10 most promising biotechnologies for improving health in the developing world will help the United Nations meet its Millennium Development Goals, what global actors can do to promote genomics for development, and ultimately, what developing countries can do to harness genomics and biotechnology to address their critical health needs.