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Satellite Events

Monday, October 4th - 3 pm to 5 pm (Viger C)
Meeting of the Executives of the National Associations

The World Federation of Science Journalists invites the presidents and representatives of national associations to a meeting being held in order to establish the basis of a new alliance. We are all aware that certain developing countries need our support in order to encourage local science journalism, and we are prepared to offer our help. Also, developed countries have a lot to learn about the issues and realities faced by different countries around the world. This first of two meetings will attempt to initiate a dialogue between the representatives of these different countries.

Tuesday - October 5, 7:45 - 8:30
Speed Dating Breakfast
University of Ottawa

SWA (Single World-class Academics), interests include excellence in research, teaching, and making groundbreaking discoveries. Seeking journalists with insatiable curiosity and a burning desire to share discoveries with the world. The University of Ottawa is holding an Intellectual Speed Dating Breakfast you won't want to miss! Researchers in the areas of science and health will meet with you for brief, informal conversation over breakfast.

If you meet "Dr. Right", we'll get the two of you together for a more long-term encounter. And if you want to see more than one we'll never tell on you. Be in Salon Cartier on October 5 at 7.45 a.m. if we've piqued your curiosity!

Tuesday - October 5, 12h30 - 14h00
Satellite Luncheon
Canadian Institutes of Health Research

CIHR is proud to be a sponsor of the 4th World Conference of Science Journalists. The conference promises to be an exceptional venue for science journalists from around the world to exchange information with CIHR's top health researchers.

As part of the Conference, CIHR will be hosting a roundtable luncheon on Tuesday, October 5, 2004 featuring several of Canada's leading health researchers. The aim of the luncheon is to provide science journalists with the opportunity to meet health researchers' face-to face to talk about their research, discoveries, new concepts and the role they play in improving the health of Canadians.

Through the Health Research and Communication Award (HRCA) Initiative, CIHR is committed to increasing the number of Canadian writers engaged in communicating health research. CIHR will support the attendance of six past and current HRCA awardees to the conference. HRCA awardees who wish to attend will be asked to submit a three page application detailing; their experience with the HRCA program; the opportunities that resulted from their participation; and examples of their commitment to Knowledge Translation.

Please check back to see the profiles of the researchers who will be attending as special guest speakers at our luncheon.

For more information about this request please contact Danielle Arsenault, Knowledge Translation Coordinator, at (613) 941-4437 or by email at

Wednesday - October 6, 12h30 - 14h00
Satellite luncheon
Génome Canada

Genome Canada and Génome Québec are proud to be sponsors of the 4th World Conference of Science Journalists. As such, we are pleased to invite you to a lunch-conference on Wednesday October 6, 2004 entitled The Science of Wine.

For more information about this event, please contact Anie Perrault, Vice-Pesident, Communiations, Genome Canada at (613) 751-4460, ext. 13 or

The science of wine

Wine makers need high quality grapes to produce good wines each vintage but how do you consistently cultivate the best ones' It's a question for growers that Dr. Steven Lund and scientists at The University of British Columbia's Wine Research Centre hope to help answer.

Dr. Lund will present an overview of his team's genomics research in ripening initiation and berry quality in the important grapevine cultivar, Cabernet Sauvignon. An advanced understanding of grapevine genomics is expected to provide new insights and tools for improving current viticultural practices and achieving consistent, high berry quality for wine production. In his talk, Dr. Lund will also provide examples of non-GMO applications of his genomics research to viticulture as well as touch upon issues concerning genetically modified grapes and yeasts for wine production.

Steven Lund is originally from the United States and came to Canada in 2002 to develop new research programs in wine genomics with faculty in UBC's Wine Research Centre. He is Assistant Professor of Viticulture/Plant Genomics in the Faculty of Agricultural Sciences and is Associate faculty in the UBC Michael Smith Laboratories and the UBC Department of Botany. Dr. Lund is Project Leader for the Canadian component of "GrapeGen", a $6.2 million research project jointly funded by Genome Canada and Genome Spain.

UBC's Wine Research Centre was created in 1999 and houses modern, fully equipped molecular biology laboratories, including a mass spectrometry laboratory and a DNA microarray core facility.

Thursday - October 7

12h30 - 14h00
Satellite luncheon

Theme : What is the role of hormonal functions in skin aging?
Answer thanks to a CHUL- L'Oreal Recherche cooperation.


Jacques Leclaire
Director , Advanced Research, Life Sciences

Fernand Labrie
Laval University, Director, Medical Research Center

For more information contact:

Nadine Lajoie
External Relations-Corporate Communications
L'Oréal Canada
Tel (514) 287-4613
Fax (514) 289-9008

Thursday, October 7th
Final Meeting of the Executives of the National Associations
5 pm to 8 pm (Maisonneuve D)

At the end of the Conference, a meeting will be held for members of the World Federation of Science Journalists. This is an opportunity to discuss the ideas and actions that will assure the Federation's continuity. At this meeting, the creation of a program and the establishment of a permanent head office will be announced; and elections will be held to form a new Board of Directors. The Federation will also pass the torch on to the host-association of the 5th World Conference.