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Online Course Editors 

Current version First version:

The Online course was adapted and translated into:
Arabic by Nadia El-Awady, Magdy A.M. Said, Waleed Al-Shobakky and Ahmad Moghrabi
French by Gilles Provost, Isaac Njifakue and Mélanie Robitaille
Spanish by Horacio Salazar and Lisbeth Fog
Portuguese by Luisa Massarani and Catarina Chagas
Chinese by Lan Lin, Fang Xuanchang, Gong Yidong, Zhao Yan, Luo Hui, Jia Hepeng and You Xuequing
Persian by Pouria Nazemi and Fariborz Bayat

The English version was adapted by : Emily Chung 

Augustin Denis (Canada)

Kaianders Sempler

Advisory Board 
Nadia El-Awady (Egypt), Lamia Baiche (Algeria), Musa Fadl Alla (Sudan), Deborah Blum (United States), David Dickson (United Kingdom), Armand Faye (Senegal), Jean-Marc Fleury (Canada), Lisbeth Fog (Colombia), Jia Hepeng (China), Patrick Luganda (Uganda), Luisa Massarani (Brazil), Gervais Mbarga (Cameroon), Diran Onifade (Nigeria), T.V. Padma (India) and Christina Scott (South Africa).