The World Federation of Science Journalists is a not-for-profit NGO that represents science journalists and their associations around the world. The federation believes that balanced critical coverage of scientific issues is an essential part of building a politically and economically stable global society. The WFSJ supports strong, critical coverage of scientific issues through initiatives that train, mentor, and educate science journalists.


  • The WFSJ promotes rigorous coverage of scientific issues.
  • The WFSJ supports science journalists and science journalism through education, projects, conferences, and the creation of national associations. It is dedicated to fostering collaboration and professional networks to strengthen science journalism, and in turn, civil society.
  • The WFSJ aims to safeguard the rights and livelihood of science journalists globally, inclusive of race, religion, ethnicity, gender, age, and sexual preference.


  • The WFSJ promotes and defends the free flow of information and open dialogue about scientific research and related issues.
  • The WFSJ provides a forum for its membership, and the wider public, to share advances, achievements, challenges, opportunities, and trends in science journalism internationally.
  • The WFSJ promotes best practices in science journalism.
  • The WFSJ selects and supports the host association for the World Conference of Science Journalists.
  • The WFSJ undertakes training, mentoring, and education of science journalists globally through initiatives such as the World Conference of Science Journalists, mentoring schemes, twinning of associations, and other professional opportunities.
  • The WFSJ supports science journalism associations, and encourages the foundation of new ones.


  • WFSJ members are national, regional and international associations which represent science journalists, broadcasters, writers, editors and communicators working across all media platforms.
  • To become a member of the WFSJ an association applies and is accepted in accordance with the WFSJ bylaws. Applications for membership will be reviewed and decided upon by the WFSJ Board.