Christophe Assogba

Investigative Science journalist, Media Production

Christophe Assogba is a science and investigative journalist from Benin. He is currently the president of Benin Association of Science Journalists and Communicators (AJCSB) and a member of the West Africa Forum of Science journalists and communicators (WAFSJC). He is the cofounder and chief editor of La Nouvelle Gazette in Benin.
He also writes articles for the Sub-Saharan Africa section of SciDev.Net and he is a journalist for Science 2D (Science et développement durable), a blog created by the Burkina Faso Association of Science Journalists and Communicators. He hosts the blog Bénin Science about scientific and technical information. Christophe Assogba is the author of “Presse béninoise: l’échoppe de la mafia”, a book about the media reality in Benin.

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