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Science Journalism Growing Overseas

February 24, 2009 posted in Sci.Journalism
Science Journalism staff jobs are being lost in the developed world, but are increasing in the developing world. This contrasting situation is reported by Cristine Russell, President of the United States Council for the Advancement of Science Writing, in an article published on the online Columbia Journalism Review "The Observatory", February 17: "Science Journalism Growing Overseas: AAAS meeting highlights dwindling American coverage":

The article refers to a joint NASW*/WFSJ* informal press briefing, "Science Journalism in Crisis?", held in Chicago, 13th February 2009, during the AAAS (American Association for the Advancement of Science) annual meeting.

The panel featured several members of the board of the World Federation of Science Journalists, including its President, science correspondent Pallab Ghosh, Deborah Blum (USA) Valeria Roman (Argentina), and Nadia El-Awadi (Egypt).

See another related article by Curtis Brainard: Feb. 13: "Science Journalism's Hope and Despair: "Niche' pubs growing as MSM circles the drain":


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