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Cuts at Deutsche Welle

December 1, 2005 posted in Associations

At the end of November 2005, the Deutsche Welle the foreign service of German national radio stopped its weekly radio broadcast Mensch, Umwelt, Technik (People, Environment, Technology). With this reform of the German radio programme, the Deutsche Welle is abandoning the spot for topics related to science, technology, the environment and medicine for the very first time. The other science broadcast was taken off the air three years ago.

The WPK (the The German Science Journalists' Association) seriously regrets that"Germany's media visiting card in the world', as the Deutsche Welle describes itself in its own mission statement, will be presenting a distorted image of our country and excluding a significant part of German society.

Earlier in the year, the WPK drew the attention of both the Deutsche Welle leadership and the members of the Broadcasting Council to the dangers of stopping science coverage. The WPK appealed to them to rectify their decision sadly, in vain.

The German Science Journalists' Association (WPK) is the German independent professional organisation for journalists promoting responsible, appropriate and independent reporting on research, technology and medicine in the entire publishing media.


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