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Italian Association of Science Journalists joins WFSJ

February 2, 2006 posted in Associations

The board of the World Federation of Science Journalists welcomes its 27th member association: the Italian Association of Science Journalists.

The Italian Association of Science Journalists (Unione Giornalisti Italiani Scientifici - UGIS) was funded in 1966 and has 144 regular members. The most important objective in UGIS is to promote and organize for its members, at national and international level, scientific meetings and professional workshops with scientists, technologists, scholars, researchers in the different disciplinary fields.

A second objective is to contribute to the professional up-dated education by financing its members, specially the young freelancers and in general the new generation of science journalists. This means to support the travel costs for members attending scientific events organized by EUSJA in Europe, and to pay the 75-80% costs for educational study visits which have been held, in the five last years, in United States, Israel, Spain, Switzerland at Cern, Belgium, Netherlands, Hungary, Finland, Sweden, France, Germany.

Its President is Dr. Paola de Paoli Marchetti.


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