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“Know thyself, science writer”

January 27, 2012 posted in Sci.Journalism
The association of science writers in Italy has launched an online survey entitled “Know thyself, science writer” asking science journalists from all over the world to help define the situation of science journalism. According to its publisher, Fabio Turone, president of Science Writers in Italy (SWIM), the purpose of the survey is “to collect information about a profession lacking clear borders.” He decided to launch this initiative because the status of science journalists in Italy varies significantly from one region to another, and there is much confusion about the state of the profession. A previous successful survey done by the Italian Order of Journalists in Lombardy prompted Mr. Turone to invite science journalists from all over the world to respond to his association’s survey to gather information on a wider scale and better define the status of science reporting in general. SWIM will publish results of the survey.


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