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Nature launches Arabic Edition

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On Tuesday 16th April, in Riyadh (Saudi Arabia’s capital), Magdy Said, a mentor with the World Federation’s first Phase of Project SjCOOP, from 2006 to 2009, celebrated his dream come true.

The Arabic Edition of Nature, a joint project of Saudi Arabia’s King Abdulaziz City for Science and Technology (KACST) and the Nature Publishing Group (NPG) officially launched the Nature Arabic Edition (NAE) magazine during the Saudi International Conference on Science Culture

The Nature Arabic Edition is a monthly translated version of the weekly Nature Magazine that provides selected science news and summaries of research papers relevant for the Arab speaking community. It has been launched with an initial print circulation of 10,000 and is freely accessible online at The first issue was published in October 2012 and so far 7 issues have been printed and distributed.

This KACST and NPG joined initiative comes to strengthen a knowledge-based society that serves the Kingdom’s goals for sustainable development in the region. “Arab speakers now have free access to the latest developments in science and technology, and in their native language, in hopes that the coming generations will have a deeper connection with and appreciation for science, technology and innovation,” said Dr. Mohammed Ibrahim Al-Suwaiyel, President of KACST.

“Many of the foundations of modern science were laid in the ‘golden age’ of Arabic science,” said Steven Inchcoombe, Managing Director NPG. “We are seeking a new golden age for science in the Gulf, thanks to organizations as KACST who are supporting science in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and throughout the Arab speaking world.

Dr. Magdy Said, NAE Editor-in-Chief is a member and Former President of the Arab Association of Science Journalists. He was also a mentor in the very first phase of the SjCOOP peer-to-peer mentoring program of the World Federation of Science Journalists, in 2006.

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