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Win the opportunity to attend and cover EcoHealth 2014!

April 7, 2014 posted in Competitions

Win the opportunity to attend and cover

EcoHealth 2014
The 5th Biennial Conference of the International Association for Ecology and Health
Montréal, Canada
11 – 15 August 2014

Ecohealth conference is a key forum for researchers, practitioners and educators whose work spans the fields of ecology, human and veterinarian medicine, planning, social sciences, international development and beyond. The conference provides an opportunity to address issues ranging from environmental impact on human and animal health and transmission of infectious diseases, to conservation and ecosystem management, to rural and urban development and planning. The conference is also an opportunity to engage with and profile voices outside of academia and to explore new collaborations with community groups, businesses, policy makers, the media and others.

Information on the Conference:


Application Deadline
Tuesday 3rd of June 2014

The scholarships
In addition to free registration, the travel grants cover the costs of transportation from your own country, travel visas and four nights of accommodation in Montréal.

Journalists specialized in the coverage of health and the environment,irrespective of their gender, age, nationality, place of residence and media (print, radio, TV, web) are welcome to apply. Journalists attending will be expected to publish articles and/or programme content on the various issues addressed by the conference.

Application procedure
The jury will select eight professional, fulltime or freelance journalists, specialized in the coverage of health and the environment, with comprehensive experience in traditional and/or digital media. Candidates are asked to send their CV, coordinates, identification pages of their passport, three articles or video or audio productions on health and environmental issues in the language of origin, and a one-page essay in English describing why they should be selected and what they will do if they win the competition.

Judging will be based on overall excellence. Criteria will include:
     ♦  Fair, balanced and objective reporting

     ♦  Informative and well-researched 

     ♦  Adherence to high journalistic standards

     ♦  Clarity, insight and respect for the audience
     ♦  Creative use of the medium’s unique capabilities

     ♦  Relevance to the conference themes
The jury will also weigh the resources available to the journalist when selecting the winners.

Important: The final criterion in the search for a winner will be the proposed dissemination plans for post conference articles and content.

Selection committee and decision
The World Federation of Science Journalists administers the competition and is solely responsible for the selection of the winning journalists. The jury, a sub-committee of the WFSJ Board, will select the eight journalists on the basis of submitted work, on the applicant’s CV and motivation statement.

To apply
Applications - including the applicant's CV, coordinates, identification pages of the passport - should be sent electronically to:
EcoHealth Prize Competition/
Tel.: +1 514 508-2777

Applications must be received no later than 3rd of June 2014

For further information, please contact the WFSJ Office at

EcoHealth 2014 is the fifth international conference organized under the auspices of the IAEH. Previous biennial conferences were held in Wisconsin (2006), Mérida (2008), London (2010) and Kunming (2012).

The scholarships are funded by the Canada's International Development Research Centre.


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