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“Know Thyself”: SWIM launches its second online survey on science journalists

June 5, 2014 posted in Sci.Journalism
The Italian association Science Writers in Italy (SWIM) has just launched the second edition of the online survey “Know Thyself” aimed at science journalists and science communicators from all over the world.

«All professionals writing about science – as journalists or communicators – are invited to take part in the 2014 online survey «Know Thyself»», explains SWIM President Fabio Turone, a science journalist and editor based in Milan. «It takes only a few minutes to answer the 20 questions that cover several issues relevant for science journalism, for science journalists and for the society as a whole».

A previous survey was completed in 2012 with 407 responses from all over the world (the raw results from that survey can be accessed online), and will be used as a comparison for the new data: «We have advertised the survey online in a few mailing lists and facebook groups, and we were surprised by the immediate response from colleagues all over the world that brought us more than 160 filled questionnaires in just the first couple of days», comments Turone. «With the help of our fellow science journalists, we hope to collect many more in the coming months, so to gather a clear and reliable picture of the profession, and how it is changing in recent years. Once the data is collected, we are willing to consider sharing them with colleagues and researchers interested in performing in-depth analyses».

The online survey can be accessed at:

For more information about the previous survey in 2012, please visit


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