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June 23, 2015 posted in WFSJ Affairs

Inaugural Speech New WFSJ President Curtis Brainard at the WCSJ in Seoul (8-12 June 2015)

Curtis Brainard was elected as the new WFSJ President for a two year term. In his inaugural speech Mr. Brainard described the objectives he would like to accomplish as President of the Federation.

His first emphasis will be on the Federation’s communication. His objective is to encourage the sharing of information and to support important discussions about the most pressing issues in science journalism, through building a better communication within the Federation.

The second emphasis will be on drafting new electoral rules and procedures to elect the future WFSJ Board´s President by popular vote at the General Assembly. This is an important step to take for the WFSJ in its evolution.

Mr. Brainard would also like to bring changes to the bidding process for future World Conferences of Science Journalists, in order to give more time to the bidding organizations to prepare a Conference. Organizations now have 2 years to prepare and to organize the Conference. In the future this should be changed to 4 years.

Mr. Brainard pledged to work very hard in the next coming years to support the mission and goals of the WFSJ and of all of its members: “There is a lot to be done in the next coming years and the things we can accomplish in this time will contribute again to the betterment of science journalism.”  

You can find here Mr. Brainard’s complete inaugural speech delivered at the 9th World Conference of Science Journalists.




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