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WFSJ welcomes the Uganda Science Journalists Association

March 13, 2007 posted in Associations
The newly formed Uganda Science Journalists Association (USJA) became the 29th member association of the World Federation of Science Journalists last month. The association which is based in Kampala counts 27 members so far, some of whom are journalists, scientists, and science communicators.

USJA wants to enhance science journalism by providing training, a forum of discussion and a network of support for professionals who seek to communicate science in the country. In their application to join the WFSJ, the founders of the Uganda association explain that they believe that forming their group is the ideal mean to strengthen science communication.

By joining the WFSJ, all national associations agree to abide by the Federation's constitution which can be found on the website. One of the goals of the World Federation is to help the creation of science journalists associations in parts of the world where there is none, and where journalists need support to cover science.
Kenya and Cameroon are the only other two national Science journalists associations in Africa.

One original program of the WFSJ, called "twinning of associations", is designed to encourage partnership between experienced groups with newly formed ones.


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