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EUSJA Celebrates 35 Years

March 29, 2007 posted in Associations
(source: ISWA and EUSJA)

The European Union of Science Journalists' Associations (EUSJA) celebrates its 35th anniversary this year. And the Spring 2007 issue of the EUSJA Newsletter documents this milestone. Go to:

That issue also describes how one can order a short history of the association called "The Barriers Are Down: EUSJA Advances Across Europe" which includes contributions by representatives of the national member associations.

Of particular interest is an article by ISWA member Wolfgang Goede which recalls the founding of the German group TELI in 1929 and its remarkable survival during the turbulent years that followed. Of course, as Goede notes, that survival came at a price—an accommodation between science journalists and the Nazi Party and the acceptance (and often promotion) of that regime's somewhat dubious science.


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