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September 19, 2007 posted in Sci.Journalism
Ecuador offered a 256-hour graduate course on Public Communication of Science, in three cities: Loja, Guayaquil and Quito. The course covered History of science, science communication, big issues in science and in science communication, and science journalism. It was organized by the Ecuador Science and Technology Organisation SENACYT which is supported by Convenio Andrés Bello and three local universities. 30 participants attended the weekend courses: journalists, communicators, and other professionals who wanted to learn how to transfer messages to the layman.


from left to right: Olfa Labassi (WFSJ),
Andrea Henriquez(ACHIPEC),
Lisbeth Fog (ACPC),
Laura Guachalla (Bolivia),
Ximena Serano (ACPC).

Colombia also started a graduate program on science communication which will be itinerant in several cities of the country. The first semester of 2007 took place in Medellin, with 28 participants, who attended several weekends, completing nearly 100 hours. It was organized by the Colombia science and technology organisation Colciencias, the Convenio Andrés Bello, and the Communication and Journalism departments of the universities Association, AFACOM, as well as several universities. The Universidad de Medellín hosted the course. The course started in Cali last August 31st, and brought together four of the most important universities of that city. Some national speakers that are invited to both courses, but the universities also involve local professors.

Environmental journalism course in Montería, Colombia. This course aimed at active journalists and communication officers at different institutions. It attracted around 30 participants. It took place during the weekends, and the courses dealt with science, environmental issues, environment journalism, environment capacity building, and education. It lasted around 80 hours. The organizers were officials from local environmental institutions, the Environmental Ministry, and the Academy of science.

SciDev.Net also organized three courses in three Bolivian cities: Santa Cruz de la Sierra, La Paz and Cochabamba. Luisa Massarani, reports that they took into account that science journalism is beginning in Bolivia. There was a major meeting in Costa Rica, in May. Both meetings are reported at

by Lisbeth Fog


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