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China Science Reporting Network launched

November 22, 2007 posted in Sci.Journalism

On 16 November 2007, a group of Chinese science communicators launched the China Science Reporting Network (CSRN).

The China Science Reporting Network is composed of Chinese science media workers, scientists willing to communicate science to the public as well as public information officers of science institutes and innovation-based industries. It is based on the website of the same name (, organizing capacity-building activities online and offline, facilitating regular and responsible science reporting and advancing scientific spirit among media workers.

A key actor in the establishment of CSRN – which is the offshoot of the previous ‘China Science Reporting Salon’ – is World Federation of Science Journalists’ Executive Board Member Jia Hepeng.

Jia Hepeng and his colleagues have already had informal, small-scale-peer assistance – volunteers’ based – though the website.

The World Federation of Science Journalists is very proud of the work of Jia Hepeng and his team and is looking forward to collaborate with the China Science Reporting Network.

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